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While we are on this subject I need a dreamcast emulator. Does any one know of
a good one kind of like bleem not nightmare or whatever it is called.

Dom Tetreault wrote:

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> Subject: [gundam] MS gundam games for the PC
> > Also does anyone know of any emulators for the PC that allow you to play
> the
> > ones for the PS. PS2 Nintendo etc.
> PS: Hands-down, VGS is the best emulator out there. It doesn't have the
> fancy graphics options Bleem or the the freeware ones do, but its
> compatibility is sky-high. I use this and Daemon Tools on my laptop so I
> don't blow battery life on the CD spinning. =)
> SNES: I use SNES9x, I don't know how good ZSNES is. All the Gundam games
> I've seen for SNES are only so-so. Zeta seems to require an in-depth
> knowledge of Japanese so I haven't really gone into it much. F91 was kind of
> interesting, but was a bit repetitive. (You can only watch the same cutscene
> of you missing your shot so many times. =P) SNES giant robot gaming is
> redeemed with the excellent Super Robot Wars titles, though.
> You're on your own finding the ROMs though.
> There is, of course, no PS2 emulator out there yet, and I haven't much
> bothered with N64 emulation so I can't be of much help there. And there are
> a few WIP Saturn emus (in case you were interested; I seem to recall some
> Gundam games being released on that) but none can really play games yet.
> Hope this helps yez some.
> - dom
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