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Are all the games you lised available as roms or do I try and get the actual

Virtual Game Station ver 1.4 is the best since there are small problems with
Bleem! ver 1.5 like skipping/stuttering sounds. However saving games in VGS
is still the same speed as a normal PSX (bleem! is faster).

Here is a list of Gundam & Non Gundam related games I've tried:

2nd Super Robot War: Perfect

Super Robot Wars FF: Perfect

Super Robot Wars A: Perfect

MS Gundam: Char's Counterattack: Crashes after 2-3 fights but you can try to
save between stages. However you will be unable to finish Amuro's side since
it crashes after the End Credits.

Zeta Gundam: Same problem with Char's Counterattack.(Or due to a very
scratched CD Disc).

Gundam: Battle Assault: Perfect (I'm using the disc as a coaster)

Ghiren's Greed: Good since it runs but I haven't initiated any battles yet.

SD Gundam GGeneration F - good with some rendering defect (Annihilation/
Occupation GFX sometimes) and the insignia text are poorly rendered (not
sure if its due to the emulator).

Bakusoi Chodai Lets&Go Eternal Wings: Perfect

TM of Tron Bonne: Crashes during Item selection.

Rhapsody, A Musical Adventure: Perfect

FFantasy 8: Poor battle rendering scenes.

For SNES emulation I've always preferred ZSNES/ZSNESWIN.

4th Super Robot Wars: Perfect

Super Robot Wars EX: Crashes after 1st turn (could be a fluke)

MS Gundam Cross-Dimension: Perfect

GGundam: Good but some stages has flickering effect(NeoEgypt, NeoJapan,& Neo
Canada) rendering it to near unplayable

Gundam W Endless Duel: Perfect

Chrono Trigger, BofFire 2, final Fantasy 4-6, Metal Warriors, Tenchi Muyo,
SM, Macross, Rayearth: Perfect

Haven't tried any Saturn, Genesis, or N64 (IIRC it need a Glide supported
card or Glide emu) emu though but feel free to experiment.

For Cheating 8> for PSX you can try PEC since it has most GS codes encoded
already and can support externally inputed codes.
(Is this getting redundant: A Game shark emulator for a playstation
emulator!)(Had some problems with SRWFF cheat codes hat was built in though)

For transfering/converting PSX Memory Card Formats there is a freeware
program available which not only converts format but changes
Nationality(USA,Japan, Europe/Pal-NTSC & vice versa), has an icon editor, &
a hex editor but I forgot its name.

A memory card editor that I can still recall goes by the name Memory Card
Captor (Sakura? sic) but IIRC it was in jap.

"Kono Bakadeshi ga, kono cdrom playstation dato..."

Touho Fuhai/Master Asia - SD Gundam GGeneration F disc 2


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