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PC Gundam Game:
Gundam 0079 The War for the Earth - I guess that's the crap one....
Gundam Tactics: Mobility Fleet 0079
Mobile Suit Gundam: White Base - The 13th Independent Force
SD Gundam Wars

I think there is one more......

SD Gundam G Generation Zero doesn't work with CVGS 1.41 (win).
Giren's Greed hangs every so often on the windows version - but I have been told
that it is fine with the Mac - any other solution? I desperately want to play
this game properly......
Haven't tried G Gen F yet.
Every other Gundam Game works fine on CVGS 1.41 (win).

I enjoyed the Chess series - especially G-Next. Any emulator will do - ZSnes,
9x etc......


Ray Pegoraro wrote:

> Hello,
> All this talk about Gundam game for the PS2 and other consols. Made me
> wonder, other that the crappy Gundam game made for the PC has there been any
> others?
> Also does anyone know of any emulators for the PC that allow you to play the
> ones for the PS. PS2 Nintendo etc.
> Thanks
> Ray
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