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At 07:46 12/30/2000 -0500, Franz Co wrote:
>Then Alex's shield had a clip mount that mounted on to the cover for the
>90mm. It's quite stable although I still handle it with care on my Alex
>(plus it scratches the paint, sanding it helps but loosens the grip). I
>would actually like it to return to the polycap mount although I've got a
>feeling that it's gonna be clip mounted.

        Actually, the Alex's clip mount is more of a hook mount, designed to
hook over the back of the 90mm. It's a solid arrangement, but may prove a
bit too heavy for the arm -- can't tell, haven't put my Alex together.
Together with the grip, the shield arrangement should be pretty stable, as
you said.

        The Gouf's shield, OTOH, looks as if it's supposed to rely on the
tension of the plastic to keep it in place. I don't quite like that kind of
arrangement, because it places quite a bit of stress on the parts. Again,
this is based on photos, so I can't be 100% sure.

        All in all, polycap mounts for shields are still the best, because
they are stable for most parts and tends not to scratch a good paint job.

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