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At 00:56 12/27/2000 -0500, Franz Co wrote:
>>The chest and the upper arms will have to be changed otherwise >it's
>>basically thesame.

> Depending on how the Gouf's trees are laid out, this can >be
>from an expensive rework of all the molds, to a simple swap.

>>Probably Alex style with the sheild being held by the hand >besides the
>>mount. This would double as the handle for the gatling gun.

> The Alex had a polycap in the shield mount, IIRC. >Still, the hand
>grip is probably a comfirmed item -- IIRC, the 1/144 kit had >that too --
>I really hope they would go back to ploycap for the mount. I >dislike the
>clip type -- too easy to break things.

Then Alex's shield had a clip mount that mounted on to the cover for the
90mm. It's quite stable although I still handle it with care on my Alex
(plus it scratches the paint, sanding it helps but loosens the grip). I
would actually like it to return to the polycap mount although I've got a
feeling that it's gonna be clip mounted.

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