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>I've read some really, really good fanfics ... even some really good
>Gundam fanfics (UC, of course). Admittedly, the number of quality fanfics
>is dwarfed by the sheer and utter crap out there, but don't let it
>discourage you. If you look hard enough you can definately find stuff
>worth reading.
>A friend of mine used to be a proofreader on the fanfic mailing list, and
>got put in charge of this one gal (or maybe guy, can't remember), who was
>always writing Wing yaoi fanfics ... needless to say, it entirely turned
>her off to Gundam as a whole. Heh.
>The big problem is that a good fanfic doesn't just need a good story, it
>needs good writing, which means gramatical and syntactical correctness,
>that just not enough people put the effort into. Kinda unfortunate, really.

It also requires originality, a purpose (maybe not but most do), and more
importantly "realism", or whatever you call it. It's something that
doesn't force you to pull a SoD (Suspension of Disbelief). Sometimes I
read these
and get a kick, but sometimes SoD kicks in and I don't like it again.

There are fanfics I've read which are grammatically correct, but are so
pointless it's like killing yourself with a gun, but very slowly.

I've proofread some fanfics before. They were pretty good ones too.

Jonathan Ng

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