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> First, a quick question, then one of the funniest things I've ever seen on
> HLJ.
> I seem to recall reading that Mika Akitaka did the character designs for
> Yuna? I'm looking at a couple of resin kits and such right now, and they're
> the spittin' image of his MS Girls ... poofy 80's hair and form fitting
> mecha bits. It definately seems like his work, and I'd swear someone brought
> it up in reference to an MS girls post a little while ago.

That was me, just the day before yesterday (Wednesday, 27 December 2000):


Mika Akitaka was profiles and interviewed in the August 2000 Animerica (Vol. 8,
No. 3, p.13~15). Yuna was a co-creation of Akitaka and Satoru Akahori of
Bakuretsu Hunter fame. "Of the original idea for Yuna, Akitaka said,
'Storywise, there wasn't much. But for characters, it's based on the MS Girls.'
He credited the original spark as the president of Red, Oji Hiroi, asking if the
company could make something with games from the idea."

In addition to Yuna, Akitaka also did the mecha designs for Sakura Taisen.

By the way, if you're over 18, try browsing:


Someone called AmazonHentai seems to have acquired that URL. The real Amimerica
site is:


I wonder how much traffic AmazonHentai gets from people who go looking for the
Animerica site?


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