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i personally like them, don't(sp) like or dislike
anyone who doesn't, in fact i can see why, fact its
worse than you said, also trowa and quatre, and either
trezie and zechs or trize and weufie, hell, i think i
saw one with heero and trieze, and i know i seen one
with weifie and heero at least once.

--- munkee <> wrote:
> Okie, heres my opinion, and you probably all
> disagree or sometin, but i was wondering what your
> opinions were on fanfics. personally, i think they
> suckass and fill in the blank and they never have
> any plots, and their most probably don't even make
> sense to a series. Look a GW fanfics, their about
> gay heero and duo(friend told me this, i never read
> fanfics)! So whats your opinion of piece-o-crap
> fanfics

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