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I've read some really, really good fanfics ... even some really good Gundam fanfics (UC, of course). Admittedly, the number of quality fanfics is dwarfed by the sheer and utter crap out there, but don't let it discourage you. If you look hard enough you can definately find stuff worth reading.
A friend of mine used to be a proofreader on the fanfic mailing list, and got put in charge of this one gal (or maybe guy, can't remember), who was always writing Wing yaoi fanfics ... needless to say, it entirely turned her off to Gundam as a whole. Heh.
The big problem is that a good fanfic doesn't just need a good story, it needs good writing, which means gramatical and syntactical correctness, that just not enough people put the effort into. Kinda unfortunate, really.

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Okie, heres my opinion, and you probably all disagree or sometin, but i was wondering what your opinions were on fanfics. personally, i think they suckass and fill in the blank and they never have any plots, and their most probably don't even make sense to a series. Look a GW fanfics, their about gay heero and duo(friend told me this, i never read fanfics)! So whats your opinion of piece-o-crap fanfics

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