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> IMHO, the 0080 kits are some of the best, (Except for Kampfer, BLAST!!)
> The GM Command and space type just plain rocks, Gelgoog JG, what I've
> heard... is not too great (something about Hip problems? I don't own
> it...), but I know that the Rick Dom II (my fav from this line) Z'Gok E,

check out my review over at Newtype Asylum, where I compared the 0080
Gelgoog JG with the New HGUC Gelgoog. Yes, the hips are a problem....large
polycap ball joints, with not enough polycap to make it sturdy.

> Hygogg, Alex, and Zaku FZ are really good. I also think the CCA 1/144s
> are really awesome if you want to devote alot of time to them. I've built
> Jagd Doga, Nu Gundam, and just finished Geara Doga, and they are all
> great. Geara Doga needs a TON of painting. But the CCA kits have
> articulated hands, are much bigger than other 1/144 kits and are pretty
> sturdy. The only thing is that they're not too posable, but they make
> great show pieces. I think the worst 1/144s I've come across are Wing and
> 0083. The GP02 is possibly one of the worst 1/144 kits ever made, and the

The CCA kits are somewhere between modern-day gundam kitsa and old-style
glue affairs...and some CCA kits even have screws for the leg halves...I
know the Gera Doga did. True, the kits aren't that posable, but they look

The GP02a, bar none, is the worst kit I have seen in 1/144 in terms of
color, faithfulness to the MS and detail. the fact that the
shoulderbinders/wings do not spread out to become the booster wings is a BIG
minus for the kit...the bad color makes it worse.

> Gerbera Tetra is a piece of crap IMO. Endless Waltz HGs are great. With
> the exception of polycap hands... and that they have to do with Gundam
> Wing... Also, Turn A 1/144s are AWESOME!! They are definitely my
> favorite. Also... avoid G-Unit models. I've built 3 of the 5 and they
> sucked. It's a shame too, they look so nice. Those are the 1/144s I've
> experienced. Hope it's helpful

The Gerbera Tetra is actually a good design for it's day. I would recommend
it, but I would say that it is not up to par with the kits today in terms of
construction, but its ocverall effect is much better.

BTW, if you do buy the 1/144 GP03s, and then compare it to the gp01fb HGUC,
one will find a lot of construction similarities...was the 1/144 gp03s a
Katoki design? because if it is, then as early as that time, one could see
the start of the HGUC line.

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