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> >This is Hajime Katoki's take on the One Year War. It's basically the TV
> >with a lot of additional detail and embellishment. Like his Z Gundam Side
> >Story, there's some invention om Katoki's part, but it's truer to the
> >TV series than anything else I've seen.
> That's Kazuhisa Kondo, not Hajime Katoki, but I know you know that. :-)

Oops! Sleepwalking at the keyboard again. Dang, all these former fanboys
turned pro look alike to me....

> >On the other hand, I've yet to see the
> >original TV series -- most of what I know of it comes from reference books
> >reviews and descriptions by other fans.
> I know somebody who'll have an exciting 2001... <grin>

Yeah, I just got a taste of it, too -- for Christmas, I got Animedia Special
Roman Album Extra 35: Mobile Suit Gundam (1980) and Kodansya [sic] TV Magazine
Deluxe 3: Mobile Suit Gundam Story Book 1 (1981). Whoo-hoo! They don't make
'em like that any more....

Both have a lot of scenes and material that I've never seen before, especially
the TV Magazine book. It only covers Episodes 1 through 12, alas, but the low
number of episodes meand that it covers them in more detail. There's one
particular bit on page 70, about midway through Episode 8, that's totally new to
me, showing three of the White Base crew (Frau Baw, Kai Shiden and another I
can't make out -- Mark Cran?), who'd apparently been shot down along with Amuro
in the Gunperry, evading capture using "personal jets" -- backpack rockets the
like of which I've never seen in Gundam. There's some line art for it on page
80 of ther Roman Album, but I don't recall it from any other, more modern
references and it's quite different from Char's jet pack and the Homo Avis,
which serves a similar purpose, in Z Gundam. I don't remember anything like it
in Kazuhisa Kondoh's Gundam 0079, either. They're kinda neat and I wished
they'd been used more.

But then, I miss those wacky Harlock-esque sword/laser(?)gun sidearms worn by
Char and Kycilia, which also appeared only in the original series.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing all of the stuff I missed from having
seen only the compilation movie trilogy!


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