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At 22:29 12/28/2000 -0500, Loran Seakku wrote:
>IMHO, the 0080 kits are some of the best, (Except for Kampfer, BLAST!!)

        The Kampfer's pretty bad, but the NT-1's not much better. For the
stars of the show, it's pretty surprising.

>The GM Command and space type just plain rocks, Gelgoog JG, what I've
>heard... is not too great (something about Hip problems? I don't own

        The GM Command(o) is a very good kit. Easy to assemble,
good-to-excellent posability, great colours. The GM Space is slightly less
so -- you need painting for it to match the colour scheme -- but otherwise a
good kit.

        The Gelgoog JG has no mobility whatsoever at the waist, which is
very disappointing. The colours were also slightly off, which makes it a
less than enjoyable kit.

>but I know that the Rick Dom II (my fav from this line) Z'Gok E,
>Hygogg, Alex, and Zaku FZ are really good.

        Haven't build the Rick Dom II, but the weapon selection was a bit
disappointing. Otherwise, it looks to be a good kit. the Zugock E was a joy
to put together, and painting can be kept to a minimum, but there are some
problems with the arms and legs. Haven't tried the Hygog, but those flexible
arms look cool (and probably will be a problem in the long run).

        The Zaku FZ was nice, but the hands are slightly disappointing.
Mobility and posability isn't the best, but not the worst either.

>I also think the CCA 1/144s are really awesome if you want to devote alot of
>time to them.

        Ick. I dislike the CCA line. A lot of them has posability problems
-- you basically leave them standing straight up. I've never really finish
off that Sazabi, and my Jegan's currently MIA -- gods know where it ended up.

        Besides posability, painting is a PITA. By today's standard, these
kits are barely adequate, but they are a challenge to any serious painter.

>I think the worst 1/144s I've come across are Wing and
>0083. The GP02 is possibly one of the worst 1/144 kits ever made, and the
>Gerbera Tetra is a piece of crap IMO.

        The 0083 1/144 (non-HGUC) line is pathetic IMO. I did a GP01Fb, and
it was brittle, and needed painting badly. Not a pleasant kit.

>Endless Waltz HGs are great. With the exception of polycap hands... and that
>they have to do with Gundam Wing...

        I bought one GWEW HeavyArms for spare parts, but the articulation of
the limbs on this kit is amazing. I thought my 0080 GM Command(o) is good,
but this kit puts it to shame in the posability department. However, it does
need painting to make it really shine.

        Overall, I'll say go for HGUC 1/144 -- they are pretty good, except
that a few have fiddley details (the HGUC Gelgoog-F is a good example). Next
will be 0080 kits, which are excellent but difficult to get sometimes.

        Lastly, you can try 1/100 F91 kits. These MS are closer to the OYW
1/144 scale, and are for most parts very sturdy and well put together.

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