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Dafydd writes,

>They all appear to be weapons for the GM from the Gundam 08th MS Team
series. I
>don't recall seeing model numbers for them before, but they may've been
>together for one of the computer video game references.

  This seems unlikely - the six-tube missile launcher isn't available in
the Rise From The Ashes game, and the listed specs for the weapons
(number of shots, et cetera) don't match the figures from this game.
These could indeed be the 08th MS Team weapons, but I can't be sure.

>This is Hajime Katoki's take on the One Year War. It's basically the TV
>with a lot of additional detail and embellishment. Like his Z Gundam Side
>Story, there's some invention om Katoki's part, but it's truer to the
>TV series than anything else I've seen.

  That's Kazuhisa Kondo, not Hajime Katoki, but I know you know that. :-)

>On the other hand, I've yet to see the
>original TV series -- most of what I know of it comes from reference
books and
>reviews and descriptions by other fans.

  I know somebody who'll have an exciting 2001... <grin>

-- Mark

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