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> http://www3.famille.ne.jp/~sayla/busou.html
> If you scroll down the page there are 3 weapons which I have not heard of:
> SG-7

If I read this correctly, it's a 100mm machinegun for the original RGM-79 GM, an
optional weapon to be used in lieu of the beam rifle or beam spraygun, although
it's not indicated as an option here. It was later used by the RGM-79(G) GM
Ground Unit, though, where it was standard issue, as it was on the RX-79(G)
Gundam Ground Unit, where the beam rifle was an option.

This shouldn't be confused with the machinegun used by the RX-79G GM Command
Colony Type, which was a 20-round 90mm.

> MK-22

This is an optional shield for the GM. It says something here about "terumet"
that may be a misrepresentation of "cermet" -- ceramic metal alloy, like
titanium carbide -- and 300 kg, which leads me to guess that it refers to the
smaller shield toted by the RGM-79(G) GM Ground Unit.

> MSM-117

This is the 6-round missile pod option for the RGM-79(G) GM Ground Unit.

> Are they just made up?

They all appear to be weapons for the GM from the Gundam 08th MS Team series. I
don't recall seeing model numbers for them before, but they may've been cobbled
together for one of the computer video game references. The illustration on the
top-level page is a CGI rendering of the GM that looks like it may have come
from a game.

> I was reading the MS Gundam 0079 Dengeki Comics (4-8402-1507-3) vol 7.
> I was puzzled by the FA-78-1, according to Mark's site - it was never
> constructed. What is up with these comics? Are they the TV version of 0079
> or a hybrid between the TV and Movie?

This is Hajime Katoki's take on the One Year War. It's basically the TV series
with a lot of additional detail and embellishment. Like his Z Gundam Side
Story, there's some invention om Katoki's part, but it's truer to the original
TV series than anything else I've seen. On the other hand, I've yet to see the
original TV series -- most of what I know of it comes from reference books and
reviews and descriptions by other fans.


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