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> The Alex's rifle, which never appeared in the animation, was
> based on Izubuchi's scribbled rendition of the FA-MAS assault rifle and
> thrown into the model kits as a cute bonus. I doubt anybody really
> thought about the magazine issue until it was too late...

I never took the time to look up the various weapons on which Gundam 0080 and
0083 MS small arms were based, but a scaled up Finnish FA MAS would be rather
puny next to the 90mm and 120mm MS machineguns seen to date. It's a 5.56 x 45
mm, so it'd be on par with the Gundam's 60mm head Vulcans. It also sports a
comparatively small 25-round box magazine, which it can empty in less than two
seconds at its full-automatic cyclic rate of 900 rounds per minute.

Maybe it's just because it looks so cool, but the FA MAS seems to be very
popular with the Japanese. An electric-powered "AirSoft" BB machinegun replica
is even manufactured by Tokyo Marui for use in markmanship competition and
theatrical productions:


I note that this design is lightly more "modern" than Izubuchi's rendition,
featuring a "bullpup" magazine beneath the stock instead of the fore-end grip.

AirSoft replicas of many other assault weapons are also available and this page
may serve as a handy reference for anyone trying to identify a particular Gundam
beam rifle or MS machinegun:



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