Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 28 Dec 2000 12:31:25 -0800

> At Liz Center they got the lim. edition pack or something.. comes
>wit the game, some cards, a book or sumthin, some other misc. stuff and a
>limited edition SD kit.. of what, I forgot.. I think it's 140 bucks.. if you
>dont get it, im gonna.. eventually.. i dunno where else to find F..
> ~PhaZe

The limited edition boxset comes with the following:

- A copy of the game SD G Generation-F which was marked "Limited Edition"
  and contains a bonus preview of the PlayStation 2 game (I think it was
  G-Saviour, but might have been the PS2 Gundam game, since I haven't opened
  my copy yet).

- An exclusive, limited edition model kit of BB Senshi #200, the SD RX-78-2
  with Core Booster. It's designed like the EW Metal Clear kits in that
  it contains color-molded transparent parts and platinum plated parts.
  A very beautiful kit.

- 22 sheets of Generations of Gundam Data File Cards featuring 22 Gundam
  series from TV series, OVA series, films, models, comic books, and
  videogames. You heard me right, even the series that didn't get animated
  are collected in these sheets. Each series gets its own two-sided,
  full-color card featuring exclusive CG illustrations of SD mecha, new,
  previously unreleased hand-drawn cel style illustrations of main characters
  plus their bio, and more.

- 8 sheets of SD Gundam Calendar, each sheet is double-sided so you can use
  them over a 16-month span from September 2000 to December 2001. These
  sheets can be collected in the 6-ring Operation V Binder that comes with
  the limited edition boxset (see below) or you can tear along the
  perforation to remove the sheets from the binder and display it with the
  SD Gundam Calendar Stand that also comes with the boxset (see below).

- A SD Gundam Calendar Stand molded in translucent resin with a SD Gundam's
  head on the front of the stand. It looks like an oversized dice and is
  used to hold and display the SD Gundam Calendar on a desk.

- Operation V custom binder, it holds the Gundam Generations data cards and
  the 16-month SD Gundam Calendar. Fashioned after the same binder containing
  the RX-78 pilot manual Amuro found, it is also slighted deformed due to
  a more square-ish proportion.


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