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Chungus writes,

>Thanx for the answer Mark! I haven't got any Gelgoog MGs so I don't have the
>latest info. Don't know whether you remember the debate about GM factories
>but can you please tell me which 6 were they?

  Well, Jaburo, Luna II, and California are definite. The others are
mostly guesswork... presumably they're all on Earth, and presumably none
of them had been Zeon-occupied, since California seems to have been
Zeon's only mobile suit factory on Earth. Torrington seems too small a
facility. Most likely there was one in Asia - either Madras or Beijing,
depending on whose One Year War maps you believe - and perhaps one in
Europe. But that's just pure speculation on my part.

>If you scroll down the page there are 3 weapons which I have not heard of:
>Are they just made up?

  Most probably they're from obsure games and side stories...

>I was reading the MS Gundam 0079 Dengeki Comics (4-8402-1507-3) vol 7.
>I was puzzled by the FA-78-1, according to Mark's site - it was never
>constructed. What is up with these comics? Are they the TV version of 0079
>or a hybrid between the TV and Movie?

  Yes, and more besides. Kondo threw in a bunch of obscure mobile suits
that never appeared in the animation, like the amphibious mobile suits
that appear during his version of the Jaburo attack. Generally the comic
follows the TV continuity, but he's adding stuff from the movies, the MSV
series, his own original comics, and whatnot as he goes along. When we
sent Kondo interview questions for the English-language edition, we asked
him whether he was going to throw in stuff from Tomino's planned 52-
episode version, and he didn't exactly rule it out... ;-)

>How many ships and MS fought in the battle of Ruum?
>I got my info from this site:
>48 Magellan
>163 Salamis
>118 L114 anti-mine vessels??
>4 Gwandens (I thought they produced 3)
>78 Tibe and Musai
>320 - MS 05
>2600 - MS 06

  These numbers were originally published in Entertainment Bible 39,
which was produced by Studio Hard (rather than the more reputable
Shindosha, who did most of the other Gundam Entertainment Bibles and Data
Collections). They've been echoed in later publications, notably in the
very detailed One Year War sourcebook for Hobby Japan's Gundam RPG.

  In general, I find the numbers of ships quite plausible, and given the
number of later publications that have echoed EB 39's figures, I see no
reason to quibble. In 0083, Delaz says that the wartime colony drops
required half of Zeon's military power. 80 warships would equal about
four Zeon fleets, which works quite nicely, given that Zeon is usually
said to have had a total of seven fleets - plus the home guard, marines,
special forces, and whatnot, which would surely total another fleet's worth.

  As for the number of Gwazines produced, the tally is usually said to
stand at eight these days. Each fleet has one Gwazine as a flagship - the
six fleets of Dozle's Space Attack Force, plus Kycilia's 7th Division -
and the eighth is the personal vessel of Zeon's ruler.* Several of these
are known by name. The original Gwazine, which gave its name to the
entire class, is the flagship of the 7th Division. The ruler's ship is
the Great Degwin. The six Gwazines of the Space Attack Force include the
Gwaran, Asarum, and Delaz's Gwaden.

* Sorry for the disconcerting spellings, but I have to train myself to
get used to them. ;-)

-- Mark

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