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Thanx for the answer Mark! I haven't got any Gelgoog MGs so I don't have the
latest info. Don't know whether you remember the debate about GM factories
but can you please tell me which 6 were they?

Luna 2
Re-captured California ?
Hornington ?
India ?
If you scroll down the page there are 3 weapons which I have not heard of:
Are they just made up?

I was reading the MS Gundam 0079 Dengeki Comics (4-8402-1507-3) vol 7.
I was puzzled by the FA-78-1, according to Mark's site - it was never
constructed. What is up with these comics? Are they the TV version of 0079
or a hybrid between the TV and Movie?

How many ships and MS fought in the battle of Ruum?
I got my info from this site:

48 Magellan
163 Salamis
118 L114 anti-mine vessels??

4 Gwandens (I thought they produced 3)
78 Tibe and Musai
320 - MS 05
2600 - MS 06

Mark Simmons wrote:

> Chungus writes,
> >I have heard many different figures and want to see what other people got
> >
> >GMs Zakus Ms-14A
> >2291 8124 740
> >
> >Gundam century (1971)
> Bless your little heart, Chungus - you know I love this kind of
> question! :-)
> This topic has kept me up for many a night. In perfect honesty, I've
> become convinced that the commonly-accepted numbers for mobile suit
> production quantities and the numbers that participated in major battles
> are grossly inflated (by as much as 10- or 20-fold). But here's what the
> latest Bandai-endorsed figures say...
> Some variation in the numbers here. Older sources - of which Gundam
> Century was the first - give a total production run of 740 units, though
> some claim that only 67 of these entered battle at A Bao A Qu. It's also
> claimed that as many as 122 sets of Gelgoog Cannon conversion kits were
> produced, but never installed.
> More recently, the MG Gelgoog kit manuals give the breakdown thusly: 83
> A types, 67 B types, and 15 C types (the standard, High Mobility, and
> Cannon types respectively). That's a total of 165 units, including the 25
> YMS-14 prototypes in their various configurations. This tally apparently
> doesn't include the 30-plus F types used by the Marines - as the MSV
> Collection File explains, no documentation survived of the Marines and
> their custom mobile suits, and the Gelgoog Marine is only known because
> of its participation in Operation Stardust.
> This tally isn't incompatible with the earlier claims that only 67
> Gelgoogs fought at A Bao A Qu...
> RGM-79 GM
> One older issue of B-CLUb estimated a total production run of 3800 for
> these guys, but the MG kit manual and the MSV Collection File echo the
> assertion of the classic MSV books, claiming that the total production
> run was just 288 units, plus 42 pre-production ones. (I've come to think
> that the latter 42 units must be the RGM-79[G] and [E] versions shown in
> 08th MS Team.) Since the MSV Collection File and MG kit manuals are
> vetted by Bandai's Katsumi Kawaguchi, one of the most legendary Gundam
> fans in history - he was a member of the Stream Base modeling trio, who
> also prepared all the MSV background materials - I'm inclined to take his
> word as gospel.
> Okay, so that's a total of 330 RGM-79 units. Admittedly it's a pretty
> miniscule army with which to reclaim the Earth Sphere. But this total
> presumably doesn't include variants like the Light Armor, Sniper Custom,
> Commando, and Sniper II. There are also some 58 GM Cannons in the mix.
> That means the Federation would have something on the order of 500 GM-
> derived mobile suits, and those assigned to Operation Star One were also
> accompanied by a roughly equal number of Balls for fire support.
> MS-06 Zaku
> The estimates for the Zaku have generally ranged between 3000 and 4000 -
> Gundam Century's figure is at the extreme high end. It's generally agreed
> that there were more than 800 MS-05 units - 27 A types and about 790 B
> types - almost all of which had been phased out in favor of the MS-06C
> Zaku II by the time the war began.
> Assuming that the C type's production run roughly matched that of the
> MS-05 it was replacing - an assumption that isn't universally shared -
> I'd guesstimate 800 C types. Add 114 D types, about 100 E types
> (including 16 E-3 versions), 9 K types, 7 M types, 84 R types, 3 Z types,
> and assorted other specialized variants (G, S, T, V, W, etc.). That gives
> you well over 1100 units right there, plus a whole lot of J and F types.
> Since the F type was supposed to account for at least half the Zaku II's
> total production run, once you account for a substantial number of J
> types for ground combat, I'd say the oft-cited figure of roughly 3200
> starts looking like a conservative estimate. Add the 800 or so MS-05
> units, and we have a total Zaku population of about 4000 - the high end
> of the commonly-claimed figures.
> Naturally, this figure alone eclipses the Federation's meager mobile
> suit production run. But remember, these 4000-plus Zakus were produced
> over a span of a few years, and constant combat against the Federation's
> conventional forces would lead to huge attrition rates. Almost 800 MS-05s
> were obsoleted before the war even began; the C type Zaku IIs were pretty
> much used up in the first month of the war. By the time the GM appeared,
> there were probably only about a thousand Zakus left.
> -- Mark
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