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I can confirm that they do _not_ have English subs.
First off, they're bootlegs and you should absolutely not buy them since the
quality is crap. It's a really poor transfer done from LD source and just
looks awful. Secondly, the packaging says it as english subtitles but they
do not, and just have the typical Chinese subs. You'll notice that about
half the people selling that set say it has english subs, while the other
half only say it has chinese subs. I bought one HK bootleg DVD (CCA), and it
was so bad it was enough to convince me to never do it again, it's just not
worth it.

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> Hi All, > > I have noticed on ebay and Yahoo auctions the past couple of weeks, DVD > sets of Z Gundam with English subtitles. I was wondering if anyone on the > GML has picked it up, and if so what the quality is. > > Thanks > > Jim G > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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