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> Okay I juts finished watching the last eps. and I have a few
> questions.

Some spoiler space...

> 1. what the heck do the kids have to do with the 08th series? Did I
> miss something.

In short, nothing at all. The kids only appear in the Epilogue episode which
was an extra episode to wrap up some loose ends of the series.

Confusing? 08MST is actually an eleven episode OVA plus a movie (Miller's
Report) and a Epilogue episode. The series was suppose to end at Moving
Mountain Part II (aka the one where the mad scientist dies). The Epilogue
doesn't contribute much to the story line other than confirming the survival
of Shiro and Aina.

> 2. Were they artificial new types?

I doubt so. Artificial newtypes were never produced until the Zeta period.

I'm not sure of this, but was One Murasume produced at the tail end of OYW
in Giren's Greed? Can anyone verify this?

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