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Another thing to point to is: for what has the shield been done? If we think at the protection of the only MS, there are many shields all effective and aesthetically nice to see; but if we think to the shield as an object made to protect other persons too, the matter drastically changes. I can remember, in MS Gundam - 8th MS team, a scene in the 11th episode when Sanders Jr. and Karen protecting Mikeru and Eledore in the tank using their shields. But if we think at the shields only for MS' protection, I liked most RX 93 Nu Gundam' s shield.

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> One thing I've noticed about basically all efficient MSs that have one
> thing in common is... a shield! Almost every suit ever made comes with
> some specially designed shield, and it's interesting to compare
> technology of different Gundam Time lines by the look of the shield.
> Shields are different drastically from 08MST (Simple, economical and
> effective) to much higher technology Beam Shields or weapon-loaded
> shields from Char's Counterattack and others. So... what are all your
> favorite shield designs? I think mine is the devilish look of Sazabi's
> shield.
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