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Dafydd writes,

>Just as I was bemoaning how overdue it was, what should appear?

  Maybe I'm the only one, but I find this series immensely disappointing.
Limited selection of line art, lackluster plot synopses - the multipage
story summaries are more analysis than narrative - and a tiny little
sampling of error-riddled specs in the back of the book. You do get some
extra vehicles and characters, but otherwise the single-volume Gundam
Chronicles is much better value...

  Oh, and I'm also annoyed by all the color pages they waste on babbling
guest essays in the front of the book.

>Trowa Barton's clown guise is based on the 16th Century Italian commedia
>dell'arte character Pierrot.

  Nah, "Pierrot" is just the Japanese loan-word for "clown."

>As with the rest of this series, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I'm
>eagerly awaiting the fifth and, alas, final volume, New Universal
>Century, which
>I expect will cover Turn A Gundam and, hopefully, G-Saviour and anything else
>that's been released but not covered in previous volumes. With luck, I won't
>have to wait as long for it as it seemed I waited for Volume 4!

  Sorry, this one just covers the later UC series - F91, V Gundam, and
Turn A. Good news is it's due out this month - in fact, it was scheduled
to be released on Monday.

-- mark

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