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Back from a Christmas trip, and I'll tempt fate by diving into this one...

Gundam EZEight writes,

>does everyone here believe everything Bandai or
>"official reference" tell you? think about it for a
>second! the rifle looks like a shell firing rifle.
>every single beam rifle i've come across does not look
>like that. the e-pac are more streamlined in all the
>other beam rifles. the "e-pac" on the alex's rifle
>seems like it can pack lead rather than heat. think
>about it. they're not always right. this is one i
>think they really dropped the ball on.

  I'm with you. The official references - i.e. kit manuals - have always
said that this is a beam rifle, but like the GM Sniper II's rifle, it's
based on a real-world shell-firing weapon and sports an otherwise
inexplicable magazine. E-Caps aren't supposed to be invented until after
the end of the war - judging from the model number of the GP01's rifle,
in UC 0082. The Alex's rifle, which never appeared in the animation, was
based on Izubuchi's scribbled rendition of the FA-MAS assault rifle and
thrown into the model kits as a cute bonus. I doubt anybody really
thought about the magazine issue until it was too late...

  The GM Sniper II's rifle, likewise based on a quick doodle by Izubuchi
and included in garage kits and such, is even funnier. Izubuchi's drawing
clearly shows a brace of shells which are loaded into the rifle, just
like the real-world sniper rifles on which it's based. Yet this too is
billed as a beam rifle!

  So on the one hand, yes, officially it's a beam weapon. But EZEight is
also correct in pointing out that this is an obvious and glaring error,
which will probably be retroactively fixed one of these decades... :-)

-- Mark

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