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> the best shield would have to be, IMO, the Gundam X's shield. It is a bit
> unrealistic (even for gundam) what with the harmonica gun on it. Still, if
> controlled that much gun i'd probaly pee myself.

I think deciding what is the best shield is sorta deciding which is the best
mobile suit of all time. =)

My favs:

GP-02's turtleshell shield. ('I'm inwincible!')

Most of the GM shields, with the possible exception of the 08th style. I
just think they're too damn small. But I haven't seen any actual 08th
animation so it might actually be useful. =)

Gouf FT/B3's gatling shield. How can you not love that?

Denan'zon's little round beam-buckler. =) It's so tiny and cute, just like
its MS.

- dom

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