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> Subj: [gundam] Shields
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> One thing I've noticed about basically all efficient MSs that have one
> thing in common is... a shield! Almost every suit ever made comes with
> some specially designed shield, and it's interesting to compare
> technology of different Gundam Time lines by the look of the shield.
> Shields are different drastically from 08MST (Simple, economical and
> effective) to much higher technology Beam Shields or weapon-loaded
> shields from Char's Counterattack and others. So... what are all your
> favorite shield designs? I think mine is the devilish look of Sazabi's

I like the Gundam Deathscythe's Buster Sheild Weapon as it can be used to
portect itself against an attack and can also be used to attack opponents
well that's why I like that shield!

Ja Ne,
Seiya Kou

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