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Loran Seakku wrote:

> One thing I've noticed about basically all efficient MSs that have one
> thing in common is... a shield! Almost every suit ever made comes with
> some specially designed shield, and it's interesting to compare
> technology of different Gundam Time lines by the look of the shield.
> Shields are different drastically from 08MST (Simple, economical and
> effective) to much higher technology Beam Shields or weapon-loaded
> shields from Char's Counterattack and others. So... what are all your
> favorite shield designs? I think mine is the devilish look of Sazabi's
> shield.

I'd say the most worst looking shield is the Nu's. no style unlike the
It's like a giant slab of gundarium. the only good looking part is the
bottom part.

Non-beam based shield: I'd go for the gundam dev't project's gundams.
(Gp01-fb, GP02a, Gp03s) - overall the 03's shield looks cool.

Beam based shield: Since they're all the same stucture, i cant say
but there are certain shapes victory gundam's beam shields can be turned
also, the beam rotor shields of the zanscare are very efficient.

also... everyone loves the way Wing or Wing Zero uses its shield to bash
the leo's heads...

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