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Thu, 28 Dec 00 02:44:12 -0500

>Browse here:
>and click the "With Rifle" option button.
>That's the beam rifle, as noted in the "Standard Armament" specs under the
>Yes, it looks like it has an ammunition clip for ballistic projectiles,
>but it
>doesn't. The reason it looks like a conventional assault rifle is
>because, like
>all of the small arms for both MS and human soldiers in Gundam 0080, it's
>modeled after a real world modern (1980s) assault rifle. This, along with
>Nazification of the Zeon, was a hallmark of Gundam 0080 that was carried over
>into Gundam 0083.

Maybe that clip is just a special add on, and has no significance
whatsoever to ammo storage! Maybe! Umm, it could be an e-cap weapon, but
that "clip" does nothing but make the weapon look more realistic...
perhaps. Just saying obscure, yet, possible options.

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