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> Just (Finally!!!) got my hands on the "MS Girls" book. Now, I'm wondering,
> have there been any MS girls designed since the book was published? I'm
> interested in seeing MS girls from the alternate-reality series, as well as
> 08MST and G-Savior.

Mika Akitaka did the "AX Girl" for Anime Expo and an OAV series called Galaxy
Fraulein Yuna, which is pretty much MS Girls taken to another level. All of
these are original designs that Akitaka owns and from which he can profit, so
there's little or no point for doing Gundam-based stuff unless Sunrise
commissions and pays for it. If he draws anything for fans at conventions and
the like, it'll be one of his own designs, not something he may have to wrangle
with Sunrise lawyers over later on.


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