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> a picture is not good enough! what is this a
> conspiracy? no one else has the 1/144 Alex by Bandai?
> under the alleged beam rifle is the actual beam rifle
> it self.

Browse here:


and click the "With Rifle" option button.

That's the beam rifle, as noted in the "Standard Armament" specs under the

Yes, it looks like it has an ammunition clip for ballistic projectiles, but it
doesn't. The reason it looks like a conventional assault rifle is because, like
all of the small arms for both MS and human soldiers in Gundam 0080, it's
modeled after a real world modern (1980s) assault rifle. This, along with the
Nazification of the Zeon, was a hallmark of Gundam 0080 that was carried over
into Gundam 0083.


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