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> But fansubs aren't legal to start with. Fansubbing an anime show and
> releasing it, even if not for profit, in another country violates the
> copyright. Think about it, it is like taping Friends, subtitle it in
> Japanese, and make it available to those that can't understand it in
> English. I am sure no TV studio will stand for that.
> Alienyz

people, it's this simple, from my point of view as a writer and musician:
it seems to be part of the intellectual copyright problem. if we consider
gundam shows as property of Bandai, then fansubbing becomes a questionable
activity, since it detracts from Bandai's profits. Not that I am siding
with Bandai, but i pity the creators and writers. Now, as for fansubbing
for trade or for exchange still is questionable, because somewhere
down the line, someone might sell your fansub. I know that a fansub is the
easiest, fastest way to enjoy anime that hasn't been subbed/dubbed yet, but
it also opens a big can of worms -- there's even the relative cost to
consider, in terms of how much the official sub/dub is. SO, I suggest we
steer clear of this topic, since it will obviously get a lot of heated
replies that have been seen over and over again.

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