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> > > > I know there realesing Chars Counterattack and f91 on dvd next year
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> > > okay, so next year it'll be illegal to make/sell/distribute/publicly
> > > show fansubs of them (i think)
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> > But fansubs aren't legal to start with. Fansubbing an anime show and
> > releasing it, even if not for profit, in another country violates the show's
> > copyright. Think about it, it is like taping Friends, subtitle it in
> > Japanese, and make it available to those that can't understand it in
> > English. I am sure no TV studio will stand for that.
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> > Alienyz
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> the copyright laws, as i understand them, are that it Is legal to make
> and distribute the fansubs in a country where no domestic distributors
> have bought the rights to that product, once someone does the lawyers
> will have your ass though

Think about what you just said. According to what you posted, its basically okay
to copy and distribute, to others, something that is not currently available in
your own country. Following this logic, then why would any companies need to get
rights in the first place? CPM could pick any show that had been released in
Japan and release it over here without worrying about being sued for copyright
violations or other annoying trivialities.
The simple truth is that it flat out doesn't work that way.
Now if a company ends up producing a product and for whatever reason its only
copyrighted in that country, then sure you can go ahead and copy it if you are in
a different country. But international copyright laws pretty much make this a
Legally speaking, there is no difference between a fansub and piracy. Practically
speaking, the only difference is the price (as pirates are usually in it to make
money, whereas fansubbers are usually in it to just to distribute product to fans
who would otherwise be unable to get it).


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