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>But fansubs aren't legal to start with. Fansubbing an anime show and
>releasing it, even if not for profit, in another country violates the
>copyright. Think about it, it is like taping Friends, subtitle it in
>Japanese, and make it available to those that can't understand it in
>English. I am sure no TV studio will stand for that.

Actually, the companies that dub/sub anime for its official release
encourage fansubbing. It gives the show a wider market for its release.
Most of the people who buy the fansubs will buy the legal comercial version
once its released (unless the American version was horribly butchered).
It's like free promotion.

There's an article about how commercial anime companies view the role of
fansubbers. It's at the Tencho Girls' website (fansubbers) so I won't post
the link.

If anyone wants the link e-mail me.

It is illegal to distribute fansubs by international copyright laws, but
the companies don't care unless the fansubs are of shows that have already
been released.

One of my Japanese friends has a fansub of Sabrina the Teenage Witch
(English dialog with Japanese text). He got it before it was released
there. So, they're apparently doing this in Japan too.
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