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Because fan subs are illegal. Even though studios traditionally won't go
after fansubs (unless they're of shows they they've already licensed to the
US), it's still a legal grey area and not technically legal.
As such, out of courtesy to the host of the GML, we don't talk about fansubs
at all, lest we piss off Bandai/Sunrise. Just playing it safe. There are
lots of other places you can talk about 'em, but the decision was made long
ago that there will be no fansub discussions here. Also note, now that all
Gundam series have been licensed for the US, it is now clearly illegal and
blatantly immoral to continue distribution of Gundam fansubs. The people on
eBay selling fansubs are the scum of the Earth, profiting from both Bandai
and fansubbers hard work ... evidently they never read the "NOT FOR SALE OR
RENT" message on fansub tapes. Bastards.

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> Why is discussing fansubs bad form? Fansubs are for fans by fans, they > aren't just some cheap replacement for commercially released anime. The > purpose of the fansub is so fans in other parts of the world (mainly english > speakers) can see the anime they want to see without having to wait for > licenses and contracts to be negotiated. > > Do not ban or shun the fansub from this ML, instead celebrate it in all its > glory. Embrace the fansub and love it and you will be pleased. > > -Charlie > > "Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ingnorance." > -Confucious > _________________________________________________________________ > Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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