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>> Why is discussing fansubs bad form? Fansubs are for fans by fans,
>> they
>> aren't just some cheap replacement for commercially released anime.
>> The
>> purpose of the fansub is so fans in other parts of the world (mainly
>> english
>> speakers) can see the anime they want to see without having to wait
>> for
>> licenses and contracts to be negotiated.
>> Do not ban or shun the fansub from this ML, instead celebrate it in
>> all its
>> glory. Embrace the fansub and love it and you will be pleased.
>> -Charlie
> I totally agree I have Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Volumes 1-3 and
> they're
> fansubs and they're good too I mean it ain't like we're taking it for
> ourselves and doing what we want with it that's illegal we're just
> buying the
> original vcd or whatever and subbing them for other fans so don't shun
> or
> hate Fansibs they're the best thjings to have happened to us Gundam
> and
> Sailor Moon fans cause I love them so I hope you all will give fansubs
> and
> fandubs a try as I really haven't seen any fandubs or know where to
> get em
> but afetr I get the rest of Stars I might try getting a fandub version
> of the
> sereis as I did with the fansubs well hope you take this to heart!

Who says that they aren't illegal? Anything that is protected by
copyright laws that is copied for anything other than personal use
(which is what is basically happening with fansubs) is a violation of
the law. While you can argue about how much companies care about
fansubs being released from series that aren't available in the local
areas, it is illegal to create and/or distribute fansubs.
Now if there was a company out there that had failed to copyright their
work, then you might have an argument. But since such a thing rarely
happens, and since companies often listen in when their interests are
being discussed, its probably best to keep discussion of fansubs to a
minimum. Would Bandai/Sunrise initiate action against the list if
discussion of fansubs became rampant? I don't know. Would such action
be able to shut down the list? I don't know. But if any such action
did occur, it would cause the list maintainers additional headaches, and
might tempt them to shut it down just to make things easier.
The unwritten fansubs rule has been around for quite a while, and
considering how easy it probably is to get the information elsewhere,
there's not really any reason to go breaking it on a mailing list
devoted to the product of a company that has, in the past, been known to
pursue copyright violations.


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