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> Why is discussing fansubs bad form? Fansubs are for fans by fans, they
> aren't just some cheap replacement for commercially released anime. The
> purpose of the fansub is so fans in other parts of the world (mainly
> english
> speakers) can see the anime they want to see without having to wait for
> licenses and contracts to be negotiated.
> Do not ban or shun the fansub from this ML, instead celebrate it in all its
> glory. Embrace the fansub and love it and you will be pleased.

I totally agree I have Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Volumes 1-3 and they're
fansubs and they're good too I mean it ain't like we're taking it for
ourselves and doing what we want with it that's illegal we're just buying the
original vcd or whatever and subbing them for other fans so don't shun or
hate Fansibs they're the best thjings to have happened to us Gundam and
Sailor Moon fans cause I love them so I hope you all will give fansubs and
fandubs a try as I really haven't seen any fandubs or know where to get em
but afetr I get the rest of Stars I might try getting a fandub version of the
sereis as I did with the fansubs well hope you take this to heart!

Seiya Kou
"Fansubs Rule!"

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