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Wed, 27 Dec 2000 10:04:44 -0600

Richie Ramos wrote:
> uhm, I have made it a point to keep out of fansubs since if there are
> entities within the list that can report to the authorities that we
> encourage fansubs (which are illegal in some parts of the world), then the
> ML can get into hot water. I know we all probably have acquired or watched
> a fansub at one point or another, but please keep it to yourselves, or in
> private mail...let's not get the GML into possible trouble.
actually i've heard and i think it might have been from this ML that
Fansubs (in the US at least) aren't illegal untill and unless the anime
in question is distributed commercially in a subbed/dubbed format by a
domestic distribution company that has aquired the liscense to the
property, untill they do fansubs are stil fair use, so by this argumetn
you can have all the fun you want fan-subbing stuff like Gundam F91,
Char's counterattack, or Gundm X but you'd be in hot water up to your
neck if you tried that with 0083, Gundam Wing, or the UC 0079 movies


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