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Dude Ez8 YOU are wrong, get with it... 0080 stylizes all the guns
off of real world small arms, the beam rifle never got delivered to
Side 6 nor did the shield, but both kit manuals and 0080 lineart &
comics, and every fanzine, website since the beginning of 0080
attribute this as a beam rifle. Since it wasn't ready in time the 2
tri-barrel gatling guns were added to the forearms. But the beam
rifle never arrived, it was stylized after a REAL world projectile gun
European, an FN I think... just like the Zaku 120mm look like M16
and Tommy guns, Zeon handpistols are Mausers and Walthers...

>the one listed in the mechadomain is wrong. that is
>the Shell Firing Rifle. i think those pics were
>scanned from the 1/144 manual. i don't know why
>Mr.Rukes did not include a pic of the actual beam

Before you tell everyone how wrong Burke and everybody else
is, you might check some sort of reference like I dunno 0080
kit manual... look for the Katakana for Beam Rifle on my site
and match that to the listing in the manual

NOT the one for Machine Gun... which is what it would be if
it were a projectile weapon.

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