Richie Ramos (
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 13:22:50 +0800

> Okay, now you're just arguing for arguments sake.
> We've point out numerous photographic and documented references from
> official sources saying that its a beam rifle. Bandai says thats what it
> end of story. They made the bloody thing, so _of course_ what they say
> We've yet to come up with any evidence supporting your theory other than
> that you think it looks like a shell firing weapon. Big whoop. All kinds
> different designers have given their take on MS designs and they all do
> things differently, a fact we've repeatedly pointed out.
> This is getting highly pointless.

<breaks self-imposed silence>

I would have to agree with this. we may, for all intents and purposes, know
in our hearts that it is a shell firing gun, but if Bandai says it's a beam
weapon, then it IS a beam weapon, our instincts notwithstanding.

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