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>a picture is not good enough! what is this a
>conspiracy? no one else has the 1/144 Alex by Bandai?
>under the alleged beam rifle is the actual beam rifle
>it self.

        Sigh. *Digs out 1/144 RX-78NT1 Gundam NT-1 manual*

        The "center spread", right side. The column starts off with the
shield, then the 90mm Gatlings, the 2 rifles, then the beam saber.

        Under the first rifle -- the rifle in question -- the Japanese
caption says, roughly: "Beam output and storage (?) is increased, a beam
rifle with increased damage."

        Under the second rifle -- RX78's rifle -- the Japanese caption says,
roughly: "Prototype/ inital MS-use beam rifle can be used" (Rough
translation -- I'm not too sure whether this is exact.)

        So, it's pretty confirmed that the "shell firing" gun is a beam rifle.

>does everyone here believe everything Bandai or
>"official reference" tell you?

        Do we have a choice? Official reference -- even this manual counts
as one -- is all we can rely on. Yes, it can be wrong, it can be typo-ed,
etc. etc., but that's mainly what we can go on.

        I agree -- that rifle looks like a balistic weapon. But all the
references I've seen -- kit manual, official release, etc, states that it's
a beam rifle...

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