Richie Ramos (
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 11:30:21 +0800

> the mg fazz just drove me nuts with all the internal
> parts that won't see the light of day anyway because i
> don't plan on transforming it...:P. (yes, richie, you
> can have my unused mg fazz and your insane
> conversions...but i need lotsa guns and missile racks
> for my leopard-to-destroid project...hehe...would you
> spare your leopard d stuff? the 1/100 i mean...or
> even the green leopard...:D)

That would be cool garrick. unfortunately, my two leopard kits are still to
be in I will finish them. but! you can raid me supply of spare
parts...if you haven't gotten what you wanted already the last time around.

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