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--- ROBOTICK <> wrote:
> Aren't all of the MGs that way? I haven't even
> thought about building it
> yet. I'm going to start with the Leopard, but do
> any of you old-timers have
> useful tips on constructing MGs for a first-timer?

uhm, actually, no. master grades are intimidating but
that's all. they're actually very easy to build, sand
and paint (compared to old kits -- gundam or otherwise
tanks and planes -- , and warhammer miniatures),
considering they have extraordinary fit and detailing.

just don't rush whatever you're building...or you're
bound to forget putting in a polycap or peg where
you're supposed to...:P

the mg fazz just drove me nuts with all the internal
parts that won't see the light of day anyway because i
don't plan on transforming it...:P. (yes, richie, you
can have my unused mg fazz and your insane
conversions...but i need lotsa guns and missile racks
for my leopard-to-destroid project...hehe...would you
spare your leopard d stuff? the 1/100 i mean...or
even the green leopard...:D)

when doing the fazz, you'll be building a lot of parts
from inside out (arms and legs). make absolutely sure
that your internals are perfectly flush and tight
(snap off the male pegs and glue the parts together if
you have to), so that when you slap on the external
parts, plates and armor, they'll be flush as well.
otherwise, you could have unsightly gaps on the
externals because the internal stuff aren't tight.
millimeters matter. :P

err...and, no, you can't skip building the internals.
not all of 'em anyway. :P because, even if you don't
configure the kit as a transformable
thingamajiggernaught, the multitudinous internal parts
on the legs are the ones that give weight to the fazz
so it can hold up that mighty meaty cannon. it is a
very balanced kit (considering the cannon's
practically hollow..heheh). if the fazz can do it, i
suppose the mg rx93 won't have problems.

wondering about a master grade striker?

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