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> The OP for Orguss is a song called "Drifting/Sky Hurricane" sung by Casey
> Rankine. It has the recurring English lyric "Where are you going? When
are you
> coming home?" and, while it may not be a "love song" in the whatever sense
> you're making of that term, it's most definitely *NOT* an eponymous mecha
> Granted, the name "Orguss" is repeated by a mechanical-sounding voice
> times before the song begins, but it's never seemed to me to be part. (The
ED is
> "My Heart Is A Gypsy")

    Oh, so that's what "throw" me off...

> The OP for Votoms is untitled -- "Opening Theme" -- but it's a male
> singing an upbeat pop song with no hint of the word "Votoms" anywhere it.
> ED is "Always You") The OP for Mospeada is a song called "Shared Pain" --
> again, maybe not exactly a love song but not an eponymous mecha song.
(The ED
> is "Dreamy Suite")

    I am not really talking about just songs with the words of the title in
there - I am talking about OP songs with "themes" that has really nothing to
do with the show itself... (I think most "love song" has themes that has
nothing really in common with mecha shows...)

> I'd say 1985 was the year that it became the new standard. We got Mobile
> Gundam (2 March 1985), Super Bestial Machine-God Dancougar (5 April
> Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers (6 July 1985), and Blue Meteor
> Layzner (3 October 1985). I don't know about Transformers, but the OP for

    I don't remember the name of the song, but it does have Transformer in
the song itself (I know because I went to Japan around that time and they
play that song in the toys department all the time).

> others were "Z - Beyond The Time" (Z Gundam), "Burning Love" (Dancougar)
> "Lonely Way" (SPT Layzner). (We also got the non-mecha show Dirty Pair,
> the infectious pop song "R-R-R-Russian Roulette")

    Burning Love isn't the OP of Dancougar - it's the ED. I think OP is
something faraway (second OP) and Memories of Love (1st OP). As for Layzner,
I believe the full title of the song is much longer...

> The previous year, by way of contrast, we got Galvion (3 February 1984),
> Metal L.Gaim (4 February 1984), Giant Gorg (5 April 1984), God Mazinger
> April 1984), Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross (15 April 1984),
> World Galient (5 October 1984) and Star Musketeer Bismarck (7 October
1094). Of
> these, only Southern Cross had an OP that didn't mention the name of the
> ("Star of Deja Vu"), although Eurox's English-heavy "Galient World" came
> The two best known mecha shows of the year were L.Gaim ("Time for L.Gaim"
> MIO) and Giant Gorg ("Bright Eyes" -- but the name "Gorg" is repeated at
> start of each chorus).

    I think you mean Great Mazinger, right ^_^ As I have said before, the
second OP of L-Gaim has nothing really "in common" with the show itself
except for the word Mk-II in the song.

    Is it just me, or is it almost every Gundam TV series after the original
Gundam has 1 "super robot" like first OP, then a "love song" as a second OP?
Zeta, ZZ, V and G are like that. It's not until Gundam W that they started
to use J-POP songs all the time (Turn A is the exception, but then again,
it's written by Tomino...)

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