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> I think it was Super Dimensional Fortress Macross TV Series that started it
> all.

You mean the one with the male singer intoning "Ma-ku-ross ... Ma-ku-ross ...

Bzzzt! Wrong answer! To qualify, the name of the entity for which the series
is named may not appear in the song title or lyrics.

Macross debuted 3 October 1982, so it's certainly earlier than Votoms or Orguss,
but I think the OP is still in the "mecha" category, along with that of Walker
Machine Xabungle (6 February 1982). I've never heard the OP for Armored
Squadron Dairugger XV (3 March 1982), Acrobunch (5 may 1982) or Galaxy Gale
Baxinger (6 July 1982), so I can neither confirm nor deny their qualification.
I've heard the OP from Science Rescue Team Technovoyager (5 April 1982), Space
Cobra (7 October 1982), and Perpetual Orbit SSX (13 October 1982), but they
don't qualify as "mecha" shows -- no eponymous giant robot or other mechanical


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