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Subject: RE: [gundam] Which anime series started the "love song" OP trend?

> I think that both Space Pirate Captain Harlock (14 March 1978) and Future
> Conan (2 April 1978) might qualify as the first SF series with a love song
> but it isn't really a "mecha" show. Genuine mecha shows of that year --
> Daitarn 3, Galaxy Express 999, Gatchaman II, and Yamato 2 -- all had
> OP.

    I am not really about shows other than "mecha" shows, since almost all
"mecha" shows before the 1980's had eponymous OP - it's almost like a
"feature" just like the mecha in the shows...

> The earliest mecha series with a love song OP that I can place with any
> certainty is Super Dimensional Century Orguss (3 July 1983), although

    Really? I had one OP from Orguss (probably ripped from a VCD or tape
somewhere), and it doesn't seem like to be a "long song" OP, unless there's
a second OP...

> Trooper Votoms (1 April 1983) or Genesis Climber Mospeada (2 October 1983)
> also qualify, in which case the earliest postmarked entry is Votoms. My

    Didn't watch Votoms so I don't know about that, as for Mospeada, I only
watch the Chinese dubs, so I had no idea what OP did they originally had...

> is that I don't have many of the early series, just the later compilation
> movies, so I don't know if, say, Space Runaway Ideon (8 May 1980) is in
> running or not.

    I don't think the original TV series had a love song OP, since I
remember seeing a "music video" from Super Robot Wars F Final, and have one
song that had Ideon throughout the song, so I assume that's the OP. I think
I know what song you are talking about from the movie version, since I had
that also...

> If either of the songs "Maybe, Baby" and "Asteroid Blues" was an OP, then
> prize goes to Galaxy Cyclone Bryger J9 (6 October 1981).

    I don't even know what show this is...

> In any case, it would appear to be somewhere between 1980 and 1983.

    OK, so now we know when the "tradition" is first started - but when it's
starting to be really popular, as in almost all "mecha" shows start to copy
that? I know Macross didn't have a "love song" OP, and it aired around

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