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> After reading the ZZ post a bit, something interesting pop into my
> head - which anime series started using "love song" as an OP instead of the
> usual songs about the series itself? I remember most of the series around
> the time of Zeta uses "love songs" as OP, at least for the second OP, just
> like ZZ (L-Gaim is pretty close, since the second OP has nothing to do with
> the series except the word Mk-II). Even Layzner has an OP that has nothing
> to do with the series, although I wouldn't call it a "love song". Dancougar
> has a pretty interesting song selection too, since almost all of its song
> are about love and it's a super robot show. Is Zeta the one who started the
> whole trend? Almost everyshow nowadays use J-POP songs as OP. I remember
> L-Gaim aired about the same time as Zeta...

I think that both Space Pirate Captain Harlock (14 March 1978) and Future Boy
Conan (2 April 1978) might qualify as the first SF series with a love song OP,
but it isn't really a "mecha" show. Genuine mecha shows of that year -- Daimos,
Daitarn 3, Galaxy Express 999, Gatchaman II, and Yamato 2 -- all had eponymous

The earliest mecha series with a love song OP that I can place with any
certainty is Super Dimensional Century Orguss (3 July 1983), although Armored
Trooper Votoms (1 April 1983) or Genesis Climber Mospeada (2 October 1983) may
also qualify, in which case the earliest postmarked entry is Votoms. My problem
is that I don't have many of the early series, just the later compilation
movies, so I don't know if, say, Space Runaway Ideon (8 May 1980) is in the
running or not.

If either of the songs "Maybe, Baby" and "Asteroid Blues" was an OP, then the
prize goes to Galaxy Cyclone Bryger J9 (6 October 1981).

In any case, it would appear to be somewhere between 1980 and 1983.


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