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> > Heck, the eye-catch between the first and second
> > halves of the show featured the MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki, not the Z, and even
> > didn't turn up until Episode 9!
> Are you sure about the eye-catch? I remember on my Zeta tapes that the
> ey-catch is always Gundam Mk-II, with Zeta in later episodes. Maybe it's
> just the Japanese TV version, but my Chinese sub tapes have Gundam Mk-II
> eye-catch throughout, with Zeta replacing it later...

No, you're right -- my bad recollection. It's the Mark-II, but for some reason
it's given a yellowish tint, which is why I misremembered it. Maybe it's
supposed to represent a sunset or something, but the entire sequence has a
reddish-yellow cast to it.


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