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>Yeah with the stupid bowl looking skirts..A bad design is a bad design no
>matter how long ago it was made..The gundam is a classic. The gelgoog was a
>clumsy design untill Izubuchi fixed it. The zaku was good , but the fz was
>better...I just dont Like the Gelgoog except for the JG.. Even the Marine
>looks crappy compared to the JG IMHO... Ive never liked the gelgoog.. Its
>never looked impressive in plastic... It looks bad in 2d, and 3d... The
>Gouf is much nicer looking MS..

I may argue with that. I find the gelgoog to be quite nice, in the sense
that it had an original design all to itself. But then, I've always loved
Zeonic mechs, so I guess that's good enough.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam!

Richie Ramos


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