Edmund Chiu (edf91@worldnet.att.net)
Tue, 26 Dec 2000 11:24:36 -0800

    After reading the ZZ post a bit, something interesting pop into my
head - which anime series started using "love song" as an OP instead of the
usual songs about the series itself? I remember most of the series around
the time of Zeta uses "love songs" as OP, at least for the second OP, just
like ZZ (L-Gaim is pretty close, since the second OP has nothing to do with
the series except the word Mk-II). Even Layzner has an OP that has nothing
to do with the series, although I wouldn't call it a "love song". Dancougar
has a pretty interesting song selection too, since almost all of its song
are about love and it's a super robot show. Is Zeta the one who started the
whole trend? Almost everyshow nowadays use J-POP songs as OP. I remember
L-Gaim aired about the same time as Zeta...

    In case anybody is wondering, the original Gundam TV series has a
typical super robot type of song, and it isn't that good. Personally, I like
the Chinese version better, since the lyrics certainly sound less chessy
(not a lot, but certainly noticable)...

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