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> > I thought L-Gaim Mk-II didn't make an appearance until episode 20 or
> > later too in Heavy Metal L-Gaim, right?
> Yes, but the show wasn't called L.Gaim Mk-II and there was an L.Gaim right
> in Episode 1. Granted, the Mk-II got its own OP song in the second
season, but
> it wasn't the entity for which the show was named.

    Oh, so you are just talking about what the show is called and when the
unit is introduced, right? Well, Zeta is probably the one where they hold it
out the longest before they "debut" it on the show - other shows "debut"
their "premier", or "final" unit usually around the "half time" period. ZZ
is definitely the "earliest" - it debut ZZ in episode 11...

> My point was that the show was called Z Gundam, but the Zeta didn't show
> until just before the end of the first season. Instead, we got three
> Mk-II and watched them get whittled down to one, which was the only Gundam
> the show for 12 episodes. Heck, the eye-catch between the first and
> halves of the show featured the MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki, not the Z, and even
> didn't turn up until Episode 9!

    Are you sure about the eye-catch? I remember on my Zeta tapes that the
ey-catch is always Gundam Mk-II, with Zeta in later episodes. Maybe it's
just the Japanese TV version, but my Chinese sub tapes have Gundam Mk-II
eye-catch throughout, with Zeta replacing it later...

> > I think most people would also include Type 100 in the "Gundam
> An honarary member, at least -- until the Zeta gets its head squished, at
> point its eiher include the Type 100 as a full member or change the name
> "Gundam Pair"....

    Well, you have to say it's unique because after Fa busted the Methsus,
Aghama only have "Gundam" MS left (Mega rider is basically an add-on or a
MA, and Quebeley Mk-II was destroyed pretty early too), and I guess that's
what the "Gundam Team" term came from...

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