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> The AEUG won the battles but lost the war -- both the EUG and AEUG were so
> weakened that Axis was able to move in and establish Neo Zeon. The ZZ was
> needed because Neo Zeon was fielding new and more powerful MS that negated
> Zeta's advantages.

    I thought ZZ is just the next product of the Project Zeta, at least
that's what I read from the ZZ manual with my non-existing Japanese reading

> Z Gundam must hold some kind of record for holding out on the audience.
> many American shows don't introduce the entity for which they're named
> nearly halfway through the run? And all that time, you get tantalizing
> of the transforming MS in the OP and ED credits!

    I thought L-Gaim Mk-II didn't make an appearance until episode 20 or
later too in Heavy Metal L-Gaim, right?

> Gundam ZZ was also the first Gundam series to feature multiple Gundams
> together. The Gundam Team consisted of the ZZ, the Z and the Mk-II
fighting as
> an All-Gundam Squadron, albeit never in true unison, like the Black
> Jet Stream Attack in the original series.

    I think most people would also include Type 100 in the "Gundam Team"...

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